Parliamentary Panel Criticizes Department of Telecommunications (DoT) over Internet Shutdowns, Calls for Recording and Assessing Impact

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) faced criticism from a parliamentary panel regarding the issue of internet shutdowns in India. The panel emphasized the need for the DoT to maintain records and evaluate the impact of these shutdowns on various aspects.

The parliamentary panel expressed concerns about the frequency and duration of internet shutdowns in the country. It emphasized that such disruptions affect various sectors, including education, healthcare, businesses, and daily livelihoods. The panel stressed the importance of understanding the consequences and impact of these shutdowns on citizens and the economy as a whole.

To address the issue, the panel recommended that the DoT keep detailed records of internet shutdowns, including the reasons behind each shutdown, its duration, and its impact on different sectors. The data collected would provide valuable insights and help in assessing the effectiveness and necessity of these measures.

The panel also highlighted the need for clear guidelines and a standard operating procedure (SOP) to govern the implementation of internet shutdowns. It emphasized the importance of ensuring that any shutdowns are proportionate, targeted, and in compliance with constitutional provisions.

Furthermore, the panel urged the DoT to explore alternative means to deal with potential security threats without resorting to complete internet shutdowns. It suggested exploring options such as limited restrictions on specific online activities or platforms to minimize the impact on citizens and businesses.

Internet shutdowns have been a topic of concern in India, and the parliamentary panel’s recommendations aim to address these concerns and ensure a more balanced approach to handling security challenges while safeguarding citizens’ rights and the economy.

It remains to be seen how the DoT will respond to the panel’s recommendations and what measures will be taken to record and evaluate the impact of internet shutdowns in India. The issue of internet shutdowns has implications for freedom of speech, digital rights, and the overall development of the country, making it crucial to find a balanced and effective approach going forward


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